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Ultralife UHR-CR34610-HC D-cell 3V 13Ah Lithium Primary (LiMnO2) Battery with End Caps - With or Without Tabs - Bulk

Item #: ULTRALIFE-U10026-OPT
Brand: Ultralife
Item #: ULTRALIFE-U10026-OPT
Brand: Ultralife
SizeD Cell
ModelU10026 / U10026-T1
Voltage Range1.5 – 3.3V
Nominal Capacity13.0Ah @ 250mA – 2.0V @ 23°C
Max Discharge3.3A
Pulse Discharge7A
TerminalButton / Optional Tabs
Rechargeable?No, Primary
Length2.38" / 60.45mm
Length (with Tabs)2.39" / 60.71mm
Diameter1.34" / 34.01mm
Tab Protrusion.55" / 13.97mm
Weight5.3" / 122g
Operating Temp-40°C to 72°C
Storage Temp-40°C to 95°C

Ultralife U10026 D Cell (UHR-CR34610-HC) Battery

Flat Ni-Plated +/− End Caps; Optional Tabs

The U10026 (UHR-CR34610-HC) is a lithium D cell from Ultralife. Featuring a high 3.3A continuous and 7A pulse discharge, this battery is ideal for automotive electronics, alarm & security devices, search & rescue devices, and smaller devices in the military and medical fields. The U10026-T1 with nickel-tabbed terminals can be selected when adding this product to your cart.

As a primary lithium battery the U10026 is non-rechargeable, but can still be bought in bulk due to its long 10+ year shelf life. With a wide temperature range for both storage and operation, these batteries work great indoors and inside portable devices.

  • Notable Features
  • » Same high capacity as Li-SOCl2 spiral-wound cells
  • » High 7A pulse discharge capability
  • » No voltage delay
  • » Wide operating temperature range
  • » Up to 10-year shelf life due to lithium chemistry
  • » Flat Ni-plated +/− end caps

Please Note: This battery is rated Class 9 Hazmat and cannot be shipped via air. Expedited shipping will be delayed.

This primary cell is NOT rechargeable. Under no circumstances should it be placed in a charger. When fully discharged, please dispose of the cell according to your local regulations.
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