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Power-Sonic PSL-BT-36400-G31 Bluetooth Enabled 40AH 38.4V Rechargeable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Marine Battery - Group 31 - M8 Terminals

Item #: POWERSONIC-PSL-BT-36400-G31
Brand: Power-Sonic
Item #: POWERSONIC-PSL-BT-36400-G31
Brand: Power-Sonic
  • Group 31 battery for heavy-duty use in boats, trucks, and RVs
  • Lithium iron phosphate chemistry for 2000 charge cycles
  • Bluetooth design for remote performance control from a distance
  • M8 terminals for series and parallel battery connections

Power-Sonic PSL-BT-36400-G31 Marine Battery

High-Powered Marine Battery

If you're looking for a marine sport battery that goes above and beyond, make sure you use the Power-Sonic PSL-BT-36400-G31! Its LiFePO4 chemistry gives this Group 31 battery a 40AH capacity with a 38.4V voltage, making it a great powersource for all your marine sport needs. This also makes the PSL-BT-36400-G31 rechargeable with a lifespan of 2000 charge cycles for years of use. Its M8 terminals also make this battery usable for transport, mobility, utility, medical, solar, and even more applications.

Quality of Life Features

With its Bluetooth feature, this battery's performance can be controlled from a distance for safe, remote use and monitoring through your phone when working in rough industrial settings. Combined with the internal Battery Management System, this battery is protected from over-charge, over-current, over-discharge, and over-temperature conditions for overall improved safety. This system, combined with the M8 terminals, allow the PSL-BT-36400-G31 to be used in series or parallel connections with four other batteries to power your highest capacity and voltage needs.

  • Notable Features
  • » Operating temperature range of -30°C to 55°C for use in different conditions
  • » M8 terminals for series connections, parallel connections, and use in different fields
  • » Group 31 style battery for applications in boats, RVs, trucks, and other heavy-duty needs
  • » ABS casing for improved durability against falls, dust, and scratches
  • » Compact design to cut down on excess weight and size
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