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Nite Ize INOVA T4R Long Throw Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight - 1220 Lumens - Includes 1 x 5000mAh 21700 Li-ion Battery

Item #: NITEIZE-T4RLTA-01-R8
Brand: Nite Ize
Item #: NITEIZE-T4RLTA-01-R8
Brand: Nite Ize
  • 1,000-meter spot beam cast by a powerful LED 
  • Between 20 and 1220 lumens of focused light
  • Outdoor or tactical applications supported by tough construction
  • Cradle charging and capable of 112 hours of runtime

Nite Ize INOVA T4R Long Throw Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

1220 Lumens in a 1,000-Meter Beam!

The Nite Ize T4R Long Throw Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight is a heavy-duty lighting solution that fires between 20 and 1220 lumens for lighting to meet any need. With runtimes reaching 112 hours, you will have long-lasting illumination and a power indicator that lets you know when you need to recharge. You can mount the charging cradle in a workspace, vehicle, or wherever is most convenient, with the included screws. The battery is also directly USB-C rechargeable for when you are away from the charge cradle.

Over 3,200 feet of throw are provided by the high-powered LED, featuring special optics that train the beam into a focused spotlight. You will also enjoy the aggressive knurling in the aerospace-grade aluminum body, allowing for a strong grip and an anti-roll structure. The first-class construction earns its IPX4 weather rating and is safe from drops of 1 meter in height, built to outlast the rigors of tough missions.

Blast High Medium Low
Brightness 1220lumens 680lumens 190lumens 20lumens
Runtime 2.92hours 4.5hours 13hours 112hours
  • Notable Features
  • » 4 lighting modes accessed via the simple mid-body switch
  • » 21700 battery recharges internally via cradle or directly via USB-C
  • » Military-grade construction with IPX4 weather rating and 1-meter drop resistance
  • » Included kit lets you take charging in the car, at home, or across the globe!
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