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JETBeam JR11 18350 1100mAh 3.6V Protected Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Button Top Battery

Item #: JETBEAM-JR11
Brand: JETBeam
Item #: JETBEAM-JR11
Brand: JETBeam
  • Lithium-ion chemistry supports many recharging cycles
  • Micro-USB port built in to enable direct recharging
  • 1,100mAh capacity supplies constant, long-lasting energy
  • Button top terminal is used by electronics including flashlights

JETBeam JR11

Micro-USB Rechargeable 18350 Li-ion Battery

The JETBeam JR11 reliable 1,100mAh energy capacity provides metered energy to high-drain devices, powering runtimes more than 9 days with the JETBeam RRT01. The 18350 size with the button top terminal is required for multiple kinds of precision flashlights, giving you a battery with versatile use.

Plug a Micro-USB cable directly into the charge port built into the side of the battery for simple recharging without a dedicated battery charger. The rechargeability factor is made possible by dependable lithium-ion chemistry with long-lasting runtimes and service life.

Rechargeable & Reusable

Invest in a rechargeable battery which will sustain repeated charges and discharges, and can be reused to continue to supply peak performance power for the long-term.

Notable Features

» 18350 battery with button top terminal is used in multiple high performance flashlights and headlamps, meaning a single battery is fantastically versatile in use
» Especially eco-friendly, safe cell can be recharged for repeated use and is RoHS certified for restriction of 10 hazardous substances
» Circuits feature built-in protections that will prevent overcharging the battery or overdischarging devices, extending the battery's service life and sparing damage to electronics
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