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JETBeam RM27 Remote Pressure Switch for the RRT-M1X, RRT-M2S, RRT2 Raptor, 3MS and 2MS

Item #: JETBEAM-RM27
Brand: JETBeam
Item #: JETBEAM-RM27
Brand: JETBeam
  • Intuitive, simple switch layout can be operated in total darkness
  • Flashlight operation is muted to prevent alerting targets, keeping your positions concealed
  • Wear-and-tear signficantly reduced by rugged polyurethane material
  • Highly maneuverable footlong cord and compact switch with a weight cost of just 1.38 ounces

JETBeam RM27

JETBeam RRT-M1X, RRT-M2S, RRT2 Raptor, 3MS, and 2MS

The JETBeam RM27 is a remote pressure switch that enables rapid operation of compatible JETBeam LEP and LED flashlights with minimal effort and a quiet switch. Law enforcement and security personnel tackling tactical demands can rely on the remote switch to cast a flood of light with the flick of a finger. For those moments when you need instant illumination, the RM27 can supply light without the handling adjustments usually involved in operating a flashlight.

  • Notable Features
  • » Stealthy matte black aesthetic is ideal for tactical operations where discretion is key, including in law enforcement, security, and airsoft battles
  • » Compatible with powerful long-range LEP flashlights allow users to activate lights ranging hundreds of feet
  • » Coiled cord 1ft long connecting remote switch to the flashlight can be deployed on both long weapon rails and small arms
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