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Maxell SR1116SW 366 29mAh 1.55V Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery - Hologram Packaging - 1 Piece Tear Strip, Sold Individually

Item #: MAXELL-366
Brand: Maxell
Item #: MAXELL-366
Brand: Maxell

Maxell 366 SR1116SW Coin Cell Battery, 1PC


Maxell Coin Cell Battery 366 SR1116SW is most often used as a watch battery replacement. Button battery cells can also be used in other electronic devices such as keyless remote entry systems for cars and homes, in hand-held electronic devices, and as batteries in calculators, photo cameras, audio books, games, toys, and more. Has a shelf life of 5+ years.

  • Brand / Type: Maxell
  • Model: 366 SR1116SW
  • Chemistry: Silver Oxide
  • Output Voltage: 1.55V
  • Height: 1.65mm
  • Weight: 0.0313 oz
  • Diameter: 11.6mm
  • Capacity: 29 mAh
Equivalent Battery Types:
Bulova 608, Citizen 280-46, Duracell D366, Energizer 365, 366, Gold Peak GP66, Panasonic SP365, SP366, SR1116W, SR1116SW, RayoVac 366, RW318, Renata 365, Seiko TR1116W, Timex ZA, ToshibaSR1116W, SR1116SW, WOS, Varta V366
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