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Maxell SR936SW 394 71mAh 1.55V Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery - Hologram Packaging - 1 Piece Tear Strip, Sold Individually

Item #: MAXELL-394
Brand: Maxell
Item #: MAXELL-394
Brand: Maxell

Maxell 394 SR936SW Coin Cell Battery, 1PC


The Maxell 394 SR936SW is a button battery that ideally suited as a replacement battery not only for watches but also for small medical devices like glucometers, heart-rate monitors, and digital thermometers. As a coin cell composed of silver oxide, the Maxell 394 maintains a stable output voltage in addition to a low self-discharge for a long service life. Additionally, it has a long shelf life of 5 years which is perfect for use straight out of the box or to store in case of an emergency replacement.

  • Brand / Type: Maxell
  • Model: 394 SR936SW
  • Chemistry: Silver Oxide
  • Output Voltage: 1.55V
  • Height: 3.6mm
  • Weight: 0.02lbs
  • Diameter: 9.5mm
  • Capacity: 71 mAh
Equivalent Battery Types:
Beltone 8032, BS27, Bulova 625, 626, Citizen 280-17, Duracell 10L12, 10L126, D394, Energizer BSR45L, Eveready 380, 394, Gold Peak GP94, I.E.C. SR45, JIS GS9, Miracle Ear ME102, NEDA 1161SO, Panasonic TR936W, Rayovac 394, RW335, RW33, Renata 27, 180, 524, LR936, R394, Seiko SBA4, SB-A4, Silvercell S936S, Sony SR936SW, Toshiba SR936W, Varta V394, 524, Other 936
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