Olight Otacle C1 EDC Multi-functional Tool Card - Black

Brand: Olight
Brand: Olight
  • Made from stainless steel and plated in titanium to provide long-term service
  • 2 sizes of spoke wrench help keep bike wheels true
  • Flathead and phillips screwdrivers excellent for maintenance of eyeglasses
  • Bottle opener great for opening drinks and impressing friends

Olight Otacle C1

11-in-1 Tool Card

With 11 tools including a bottle opener, screwdriver, and ruler, the Olight Otacle C1 is a multifunctional tool card ready to stand up to daily use. Crafted from 420J2 stainless steel and plated with titanium, the Otacle C1 is more than made to last.

Stainless Steel Wallet

Thanks to its light weight and credit-card size, the Otacle C1 can be slipped in a wallet or purse, making it easy to keep at-the-ready and on-the-go. Or, with two rubber rings, you can enable the Otacle C1 to become a wallet, holding your cards and cash securely in its grip. This way, you can have many EDC needs met with one innovative device.

  • Notable Features
  • » Ruler and protractor can help you figure out the size or angle of something on-the-fly
  • » Hook knife for severing of lines and ropes in a pinch
  • » Use to drive nails in or remove them during quick repair jobs
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