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Powertac USB-1BAY-CH 1-Bay USB Charger for Li-Ion or Ni-MH batteries - Includes USB Cord

Brand: Powertac
Brand: Powertac

Powertac 1-Bay Li-Ion Charger

Power On-The-Go

Reliable and quick - this Powertac 1-Bay Li-Ion USB charger is great for multiple types of batteries. With a fast charging rate this charger can be used for Li-Ion 18650, 18500, and RCR123As, or Ni-MH AAA and AA batteries. It is portable and great for On-The-Go charging and has a clear red/green charge indication light to let you know the status of your battery.

Additionally, this USB Charger can provide power to external devices. If you are traveling and need a charge for your phone (or other USB capable devices), then you can just plug it in and charge that device. You will never be without power again.

Please Note: Only use "Protected" Lithium-Ion batteries equipped with a Protection Circuit Board.


  • USB Charging Cable


  • Red and Green charging indicator light
  • External charging to USB supported devices: phones, tablets, etc.


  • Input: 5-12V DC
  • Output Voltage: 4.2V/1.5V 1A DC
  • Compatible with:
    • Li-ion: 18650, 18500, RCR123A
    • Ni-MH: AAA, AA
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