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Saft LS-14250-BA 1/2 AA 1100mAh 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LiSOCI2) Button Top Battery - Made in France - Bulk

Brand: Saft
Brand: Saft
  • Unique size, voltage, and capacity is ideal for unique devices for security and industrial purposes
  • Stable voltage and broad temperature range ensures the longevity of these cells in any environment
  • High capacity provides long run times that will ensure that devices are always at full power
  • 10 Year Shelf Life secures that back-ups will be ready to use in a snap

Saft LS14250 1/2 AA

Lithium Battery For Specialty Electronics

Used to power memory back-up systems, utility meters and security devices, there is no battery more reliable than the Saft LS14250. This battery features incredibly stable and long lasting lithium chemistry as well as a unique 3.7 Volt energy output, making it perfect for specific sensitive electronics. This battery is crafted with 1100mAh capacity that will keep it running for extended periods of time, especially in the low drain electronics that it was designed for. These batteries are 1/2 AA sized, and made to fit inside of compact electronics that need high voltage power for meters, memory retention and real-time clocks.

Please note that these primary cells are NOT rechargeable. Under no circumstances should they be placed in a charger. When fully discharged, please dispose of according to your local regulations.

  • Notable Features
  • » Stable voltage and broad temperature range (-60° to +85°C)
  • » High operating voltage, stable during most of the application lifetime
  • » Some of the highest nominal capacities on the market today
  • » Excellent reliability over extended operating life
  • » Less than 1% capacity loss during storage at ambient temperature before use
  • » Non-flammable (and non-pressurized at ambient temperature) inorganic (but corrosive) electrolyte
  • » Concentric ("bobbin") electrodes
  • Main Applications
  • » Memory back-up
  • » Real-time clocks
  • » Utility metering
  • » Automated meter reading
  • » Wireless alarms and Security devices
  • » Emergency locations transmitters beacon
  • » Electronic toll collection
  • » Professional electronics
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