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STKR EZ Solar Home Security Gutter Mounted LED Spotlight - 600 Lumens - Uses Built-in 2000mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

Item #: STKR-14212
Brand: STKR
Item #: STKR-14212
Brand: STKR
  • Up to 600 lumens of directional lighting gives you increased outdoor security
  • Automatic solar charging is a convenient way to keep light powered
  • Simple gutter-mounted installation makes this the easiest, no-hassle home security light
  • Weather-resistant design allows you to leave light installed outside

STKR EZ Solar Home Security Gutter Mounted LED Spotlight

The Easiest Exterior Lighting Solution

From the simple installation to automatic use of renewable solar energy, STKR's EZ Solar Home Security FLEXIT Spotlight is the no-hassle security light you need at home! Up to 600 lumens will illuminate your driveway, yard, entryway, or multiple points along your house for added visibility and security at night. Thanks to the solar panel technology, the EZ Solar FLEXIT Spotlight will recharge in just 8 hours every day and automatically illuminate your home after dark.

Directional Lighting

STKR's EZ Solar Home Security FLEXIT Spotlight features two adjustable LED lights, allowing you to control the direction and size of the beam. Each LED has a rotational head that alters the beam between flood and spot. Direct a focused beam to a specific area or create a sweeping floodlight to illuminate a wide expanse of your property!

Simple Installation - No Tools Needed!

Installing your EZ Solar Home Security FLEXIT Spotlight requires no tools and very little of your time. Simply mount the light into the lip of your gutter and secure it with the steel screws. You can still mount the light even if you have gutter guards! Make sure to install it in a place where the EZ Solar Spotlight can get direct sunlight during the day. Once mounted, adjust the direction of the LEDs according to your illumination needs. There's no need to make home improvement complicated - the EZ Solar Spotlight gives you increased security in minutes!

Combined Individual
Brightness 600lumens 300lumens
Runtime 10hours 10hours
Distance 14meters 8meters
Intensity 100candela 40candela
  • Notable Features
  • » Solar panel recharges li-ion battery daily after only 8 hours of sun exposure
  • » Each spotlight features a nozzle to control beam's focus
  • » Customize direction of light thanks to flexible light heads
  • » Fully charged battery provides up to 10 hours of runtime
  • » Sensor automatically enables light after dark so you don't have to remember to turn it on at night
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