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UltraLife CH0002 Battery Charger for the UBI-2590 Battery Family

Item #: ULTRALIFE-CH0002
Brand: Ultralife
Item #: ULTRALIFE-CH0002
Brand: Ultralife
  • Charger for the Ultralife UBI-2590 battery family
  • Safety circuit avoids charging shorted battery packs
  • Allows for charging military-grade li-ion batteries for AUVs or UAVs
  • Wide-ranging operating and storage temperatures for use in different environments

UltraLife CH0002 Battery Charger

Charges the UBI-2590 Battery Family

Charge your UltraLife batteries with simplicity using the UltraLife CH0002 Battery Charger! This battery charger is designed to charge the UltraLife UBI-2590 family, including the UltraLife UBBL02, UBBL10, and UBBL13 battery packs. UltraLife outfitted this battery charger with a safety circuit that prevents charging shorted packs, to avoid any charging risks. With a charge rate of 1.7 Amps, the UltraLife CH0002 delivers reliable power to your batteries, keeping them charged for use with AUVs, UAVs, or other military equipment. Alternatively, you can use this to charge batteries for portable electronics or robotics. This way, have research and communication operations ready with a reliable charger that powers the essential battery power.

  • Notable Features
  • » LED status indicator keeps you apprised of battery power level
  • » Designed to charge UltraLife UBBL02, UBBL10, and UBBL13 battery packs
  • » Operating Temperature of 0 to 45°C to use in wide-ranging environments
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