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Energizer Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank (BTS204)

Brand: Energizer
Brand: Energizer

Energizer BTS204

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Power Bank

The Energizer BTS-204 is an ultra portable Bluetooth speaker and power bank great for charging your everyday electronics. The speaker offers premium sound quality and a built in microphone allows you to answer calls through it for quick and easy conferencing. The BTS-204 is compatible with AUX, USB and Micro SD cards so you can get your music playing in any way you choose. Additionally the sounds will travel up to 10 meters making this device great for work, workouts or just jamming out to some tunes.

PowerSafe Management

Energizer guarantees against short circuit and over charge for your power bank and devices.
  • Notable Features
  • » USB-A output offers high power for charging devices
  • » Premium sound quality and music transmission up to 10M
  • » Works with Bluetooth, micro SD, AUX and USB.
  • » Built-in microphone allows users to answer calls or hold a conference
  • » Built-in FM feature for radio station access
  • » Great for karaoke, offices, presentations, seminars and more!
  • » Ruggedly built with scratch resistance and grippy body
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