Tenergy TN270 Charger Kit - 2-bay Li-ion Battery Charger, 2x 18650 Batteries & 12V DC Adapter

Item #: TENERGY-33021
Brand: Tenergy
Item #: TENERGY-33021
Brand: Tenergy

Tenergy TN270 Charger Kit

Charge Your Batteries On-The-Go

Tenergy® is renowned as a trusted maker of high quality batteries, but they produce other items too, like chargers and LED lamps. This particular item comprises two of Tenergy's 18650 button top batteries and it has a smart charger and a car adapter included--so this battery and charger combination is a great value. This bundle is wonderful for pairing up with flashlights, small electronic devices, LED paraphernalia, and more. These 18650s are lithium-ion batteries, a battery chemistry that is becoming more popular in batteries on the market today. Lithium-ion cells are known to be reliable and have the excellent benefit of being rechargeable; they simply plug into the slots in the included smart charger. What makes a battery "smart" is the fact that there's a microchip inside it that transmits data about the battery's charge level to the "smart" charger, which is something that ordinary alkaline batteries and other types of button tops can't do. An internal microchip is what enables the "smart" charger to report the battery's charge status to the user and is why a smart charger is superior to other, more conventional battery chargers. The car adapter is a nice touch, as it means you can charge your batteries on-the-go.

Long-Lasting, Powerful, Efficient

These batteries are 2600mAh, as in milliampere-hour, which indicates how much power a battery has and how long your gadget will continue to work before its batteries must be charged again. The 2600mAh figure means that your Tenergy batteries are designed to be long-lasting, powerful, and efficient. These lithium-ion batteries are 3.7V, which is a strong voltage level for such a compact battery. Standard alkaline batteries are typically only 1.5V by comparison. In addition, protected circuit boards (PCB) are important because they stop the battery from getting too hot and therefore, exploding, leaking, or melting down, which would lead to a very dangerous situation. These Tenergy lithium-ion batteries do have a protected circuit board which will keep your batteries safe and functioning well. This PCB halts voltages that spike higher than 2.5-4.25V, so you're in good hands with this battery and charger set.

  • Rechargeable 3.7V Li-ion 18650 cells with smart Li-ion charger
  • Contains two Tenergy Li-ion 18650 2600mAh cells, one smart charger, and one car adapter
  • Unique patented PCB design prevents voltages outside of 2.5-4.25V
  • High energy density, capacity, life-span, and lightweight
  • Ideal for flashlights, portable power devices, lighting applications or other devices requiring 3.7V
  • Type: Battery & charger combo
  • Chemistry: Li-ion
  • Nominal Capacity (mAh): 2600
  • Nominal Capacity (mAh): 2600
  • Nominal Voltage (V): 3.7
  • Weight: Cell: 50g, Charger: 166g
  • Dimensions: 18.6 x 65.2mm (D x H)
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Included accessories: car adapter for mobile charging, two Li-ion batteries
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