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Titanium Innovations MD-1600L 16-Bay Smart Fast Battery Charger with LCD Display - NIMH AA and AAAs - AC 100-240V + DC Adapters

Item #: TITANIUM-MD-1600L
Item #: TITANIUM-MD-1600L
  • 16-Bay smart charger for mass charging of NIMH AA and AAA batteries
  • Intelligent charging switches to trickle mode when charged, keeping the battery topped off and safe
  • Independent charging channels make it possible to see when each battery is ready to go
  • Micro Pulse Charging ensures a fast, cool, and efficient charge, enhancing battery life

Titanium Innovations MD-1600L

16-Bay NiMH AA/AAA Smart Charger

The ultimate battery charging station

A high capacity charger that is perfect for charging large amounts of batteries, the Titanium Innovations MD-1600L features 16 Bays for charging AA and AAA cells. An LCD status display provides instant information on how charged your batteries are, and an integrated USB port allows you to charge USB devices while plugged in. Along with a fail safe timer, thermal and short circuit protection, the MD-1600L is one of the most advanced (and safest) battery chargers available!

Sixteen Independent Charge Channels

More charge channels than any competing charger!

The standout feature of the MD-1600L is its ability to charge 16 Batteries at once, allowing for mass charging of AA or AAA sized batteries. Each charging channel is independent, has a unique LCD indicator and is supported by smart charging technology. Intelligent charging switches the charging mode to trickle when the battery is full, keeping the charge topped off while staying safe. So if you need a charger that can charge a massive amount of batteries all at once, the MD-1600L is the right choice.

LCD Charge Status Display

Intelligent information for each of your batteries

The MD1600-L is outfitted with 4 LCD screens that track the charging progress of each of the 16 possible charging ports. The LCD features an indigo backlight and easy to read results that display as four percentage bars (25/50/75/100%) letting you know how close to finished the charge is. Keeping track of your battery's charge is the best way to maximize your time and energy efficiency.

State of the Art Features:
  • Backlit LCD indicates charge level
  • Integrated Battery Conditioning; discharge and charges your batteries at the press of a button restoring your batteries to their optimal condition and eliminating any memory effect.
  • Micro Pulse Charging ensures the fastest, coolest and most efficient possible charge enhancing battery life.
Genius Battery Protection -beyond smart charging
  • Negative Delta V (-∆V) Voltage Charge Termination
  • Fail Safe Timer & Thermal Protection Charge Termination
  • Short Circuit & Input Voltage Detection/Protection
  • Reverse Polarity, Alkaline Battery & Defective Battery Detection/Protection
Ready to Travel
  • 100-240 50/60 Hz Autoswitching AC Power Adaptor
  • 12VDC Car Cord
  • CE & ETL certified. RoHs & FCC Compliant.

Charging Times:
Capacity Type Ni-Mh 1-16 Cells
850 mAh AAA Approximately 4.7 Hours
1000 mAh AAA Approximately 5.6 Hours
2000 mAh AA Approximately 5 Hours
2500 mAh AA Approximately 6.3 Hours
2700 mAh AA Approximately 6.8 Hours
Discharging Times:
Capacity Type Ni-Mh Current (mA) 1-8 Cells
850 mAh AAA 200 Approximately 4.25 Hours
1000 mAh AAA 200 Approximately 5 Hours
2000 mAh AA 200 Approximately 10 Hours
2500 mAh AA 200 Approximately 12.5 Hours
2700 mAh AA 200 Approximately 13.5 Hours
Please Note: Picture shows batteries for demonstration purposes. Batteries not included.
Bundle & Save!

The Titanium Innovations MD-1600L is now available for sale in an assortment of bundle options. We've paired the 16-bay smart battery charger with both AA and AAA batteries from either Eneloop or Tenergy. Choose you favorite combo to save big on batteries!

Charger with 16 x AAA batteries
Charger with 16 x AA batteries
Charger with 8 x AA, 8 x AAA batteries
Charger with 16 x AA, 16 x AAA batteries
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