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Duracell Duralock DL CR2032 225mAh 3V Lithium Primary (LiMNO2) Watch/Electronic Coin Cell Batteries - Bulk

Brand: Duracell
Brand: Duracell
  • Bulk quantities of coin cells can power up a host of diverse devices
  • Recommended battery replacement for the Apple AirTag
  • Primary lithium cells are packed with power and discharge until disposal
  • Non-toxic coating with bitter taste prevents swallowing, improving safety
  • Child-secure packaging gives peace-of-mind when storing these batteries

Duracell DL2032 - Bulk

CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell with Safety Coating

The Duracell DL2032 is a 20mm CR2032 coin cell battery ideal for use in a wide range of at-home electronics. Regardless of your application, you will enjoy this long-lasting, replaceable power supply.

Deploying nonrechargeable lithium manganese dioxide chemistry, these compact primary batteries achieve precision performance. The 3.0V output and 225mAh capacity provide plenty of power flow and backup battery to keep devices powered for extended periods.

A key feature of these coin cells is the nontoxic, bitter-tasting safety coating which prevents these cells from being accidentally ingested by children. Where a child might find the metal taste of a normal CR2032 rewarding, this coating prevents unnecessary danger to young ones by causing them to remove the battery from their mouth.

10 Year Shelf Life

Stock up in bulk quantity and store spare batteries with confidence– these lithium primary batteries have a 10+ year shelf life, ensuring you always have a working backup when you need it.

Notable Features

» 2032 (DL CR2032) circular coin cell commonly used in consumer electronics, rated to 3V and 225mAh
» Broad compatibility enables you to use 2023 coin cell batteries for convenient electronics like the Apple AirTag, key fobs, at-home medical devices, and watches
» Wide range of operating temperature (-20°C to 60°C) tolerates consistent usage
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