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Empire BLP-1428-2 1715mAh 3.8V Lithium Polymer (Li-poly) Apple iPhone 6S Cell Phone Battery

Item #: EMPIRE-BLP-1428-2
Brand: Empire
Item #: EMPIRE-BLP-1428-2
Brand: Empire

Apple iPhone 6S Cell Phone Battery

This Li-poly battery is a direct replacement for the Apple iPhone 6S cell phone. This rechargeable battery is from a third party manufacturer called Empire Scientific and is not from Apple. The Apple iPhone 6S cell phone battery offers a long run time, slow discharge rate, and the ability to withstand use in variable temperatures. LiPo batteries, in general, are extremely versatile and stable, therefore making this chemistry the perfect solution for powering portable electronics. Stemming from Li-ion cells, lithium polymer batteries feature a lot of same characteristics; however, they are customizable to fit the smaller, lighter, and the more unique sizes of mobile phones and other devices. This Apple iPhone 6S cell phone battery is available for sale with the installation tools needed to remove the iPhone 6S' original battery. Please leave this task to be completed by a trained professional. The dismantling of a smartphone could potentially void or limit the manufacturer's warranty. Damage and/or injury may occur, for which and Empire Scientific cannot be held accountable.


  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty covers factory defects.
  • Compatible with: Apple 616-00036 Apple A1633 Apple A1688 Apple A1691 Apple A1700 Apple IPHONE 6S Apple IPHONE 6S 16GB Apple IPHONE 6S GOLD Apple IPHONE 6S ROSE GOLD Apple IPHONE 6S SILVER Apple IPHONE 6S SPACE GRAY Apple MKQX2LL/A Apple MKQY2LL/A Apple MKR22LL/A Apple MKR32LL/A Apple MKR52LL/A Apple MKR62LL/A Apple MKR72LL/A Apple MKR82LL/A Apple MKR92LL/A Apple MKRA2LL/A Apple MKRI2LL/A


  • Size: Battery Pack
  • Chemistry: Lithium Polymer (Li-poly)
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.8V
  • Nominal Capacity: 1715mAh
  • Watt Hours: 6.52Wh
  • Dimensions:
    • Length - 3.76" (95.50 mm)
    • Width - 1.47" (37.34 mm)
    • Height - 0.124" (3.15 mm)
  • Weight: 2.24 oz. (63.50 g)
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