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Energizer Eveready Super Heavy Duty 1209 11000mAh 6V Zinc Carbon Lantern Battery

Item #: ENERGIZER-1209
Brand: Energizer
Item #: ENERGIZER-1209
Brand: Energizer
  • Heavy duty products call for a heavy duty battery- 6V of power with 11Ah of capacity powers what you need, as long as you need it.
  • Zinc-carbon chemistry is tried and true for reliable performance when powering any device you throw at this battery.
  • Features up to 3 years of shelf-life when not in use, so there's no risk of waste when buying a backup.
  • Even with the Leak Resistance Guarantee, these cells have no added mercury or cadmium to limit any danger in event of exposure.
Eveready 1209 6V Super Heavy Duty Spring Terminal Lantern Battery. Replaces the EV190 which has been discontinued.
  • Chemical System: Zinc Carbon
    (No Added Mercury or Cadmium)
  • Designation: ANSI-908D, IEC-4R25
  • Battery Voltage: 6.0 Volts
  • Operating Temperature: 0°F to 130°F (-18°C to 55°C)
  • Average Weight: 21.2 oz (600 grams)
  • Volume: 30 cubic inches (492 cubic centimeters)
  • Average Capacity: 11 Ah to 0.8 volts / cell (Rated at 25mA continuous at 21°C)
  • Cell:Four No. 60 (size "F") in series
  • Jacket: Plastic
  • Terminal: Coil Spring
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