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Fenix E-SPARK USB-C Rechargeable LED Flashlight and Power Bank - 100 Lumens - Uses Built-in 800mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

Brand: Fenix
Brand: Fenix
  • Rechargeable built-in li-poly battery pack capable of long 52-hour runtime
  • Whisper weight and ultra-thin build ideal for an EDC keychain flashlight
  • Anti-abrasive hard-anodized aluminum alloy prevents scratches and reduces wear
  • IP24 weather rating protects against dust and incidental water exposure

Fenix E-SPARK Keychain Flashlight

100 Lumens & 30m Throw

The Fenix E-SPARK is a rechargeable keychain flashlight capable of casting 100 lumens up to 30 meters away. Five lighting modes and a detachable diffuser tip allow you to cast soft light as low as 0.5 lumens when needed, extending the runtime to a maximum of 52 hours on the low white light setting. Grippable streamlined rail etching is integrated on the hard-anodized aluminum alloy body to prevent loss and facilitate ease of use.

Emergency Power Bank

Take charge of the power of your electronics with the E-SPARK, which has the capability to serve as an efficient power bank to charge your devices on-the-go. An integrated male USB-C terminal means the E-SPARK can be directly connected to a compatible device like a smartphone, so you don't need an extra, dedicated charge cord.

Four LEDs Emit White and Red Light

Two sets of LEDs can emit white or red light in different output modes, giving you brightness and light color options that broaden the light's usefulness immensely. High, medium, or low white light settings will help you navigate various conditions and areas throughout the day while two red light modes provide high-visibility signal light for emergency situations.

High Med Low Red Red Flash
Brightness 100lumens 30lumens 5lumens 5lumens 5lumens
Runtime 3.33hours 11hours 52hours 14hours -
Distance 30meters 16meters 7meters - -
Intensity 225candela 64candela 12candela - -
  • Notable Features
  • » Polycarbonate tail cover protects charge terminals and doubles as a light diffuser tip, allowing users to generate soft light on demand
  • » Battery level indicator keeps the user apprised of remaining power so you know when to recharge and the amount of power you have available for charging other devices like your phone
  • » Quick lockout capability available by double-clicking side switch to prevent incidental activation, thereby preserving power for when you really need it
  • » Dual USB-C terminals provide charge to the E-SPARK via the female type-C port or discharge to devices via the male type-C port, eliminating the need for carrying a USB-C charging cable
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