Nextorch FR-1 Tactical Ring for the TA30

Brand: Nextorch
Brand: Nextorch
  • Innovative multipurpose tool augments any 1" flashlight with the capabilities of a tactical tool
  • Double ring design for secure storage, quick draw, and firing your flashlight from the hip
  • Ergonomic handling from any angle allows you to deploy outfitted lights inventively

Nextorch FR-1 Tactical Ring

Multifunctional Flaslight Fitting

The brilliant Nextorch FR-1 is a wildly versatile tactical addition to any flashlights with a certain size tailcap. While originally made with the Nextorch TA30 in mind, this tactical ring can in fact be deployed on any flashlight with a diameter ranging between 0.91" and 1".

Hands-Free Handling — Easy Carry Efficiency

The design of the FR-1 is such that it can be deployed on two fingers, meaning it can be used while also keeping both hands free. Use the built-in clip to transport employed lights on backpacks, baseball cap bills, or any thin surface it fits . This is a lot like a multi-tool that enhances your flashlight experience by offering new hold angles and find improvisable uses on-the-go.

  • Notable Features
  • » Ensures the safe storage and passive aiming of flashlights using ring fittings that orient the light vertically or horizontally
  • » Secures to backpack clips and pockets with intuitive ease, with a design optimized for easy handling
  • » Adapts any compatible flashlight into a tactical powerhouse, enabling quickdraw and stable carrying applications
  • » When holding your light by this fitting, your grip stays available for handling additional tasks
  • » Compatible with any flashlight with a tailcap switch between 0.91" and 1" in diameter
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