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Petzl Aria 2R Rechargeable LED Headlamp - 600 Lumens - Includes 1 x 3.6V 1250mAh Li-ion CORE Battery Pack - Black and Yellow

Item #: PETZL-E071AA00
Brand: Petzl
Item #: PETZL-E071AA00
Brand: Petzl
  • Hybrid Concept Design - runs on CORE battery pack or 3 x AAAs
  • Mixed flood & spot beam shines up to 600 lumens, providing widespread light over 115m
  • Compatible with slot mount - attach to hardhats or helmets
  • Lockout function prevents accidental activation during transit

Petzl Aria 2R LED Headlamp

Durable Headlamp Built for Professionals

Petzl's Aria 2R is a rugged headlamp built with tradespeople and maintenance professionals in mind. A maximum output of 600 lumens will light up well over 300 feet at any work site with a widespread beam. Or hone in on close tasks with the 7-lumen mixed flood/spot beam.

While on the job, use the Aria 2R with the included head strap, or use the slot mount to mount it on hard hats or helmets. A sturdy build provides fall resistance up to 2 meters as well as an IP67 water and dustproof rating, protecting your light from occupational hazards. The lock function lets you throw this light into your bag without worrying about it accidentally turning on in transit. Working professionals will find the Aria 2R fits perfectly into their arsenal of tools!

Hybrid Concept Gives You Dual Fuel Capability

It's easy to keep the Aria 2R Headlamp powered thanks to its hybrid concept design. Use the included CORE Li-ion battery pack to achieve maximum outputs, or use 3 x AAA batteries while you wait for it to recharge! The CORE battery pack gives you up to 100 hours of runtime, perfect for long days or nights on the job. When it runs out, you'll enjoy convenient recharging via the USB-C port in just 3.5 hours. The hybrid concept design makes it simple to keep the Aria 2R powered through long nights.

Brightness 600lumens 100lumens 7lumens
Runtime 2hours 7hours 100hours
Distance 115meters 60meters 10meters
Brightness 450lumens 100lumens 7lumens
Runtime 2hours 10hours 100hours
Distance 100meters 60meters 10meters
  • Notable Features
  • » Dual-fuel capability makes it easy to keep headlamp powered - use 3 x AAA or CORE rechargeable battery pack
  • » CORE Rechargeable Battery Pack is easily replaceable
  • » Lock function prevents accidental activation, making it easy to transport safely
  • » IP67 weatherproofing provides protection from water and dust when used outdoors
  • » Compatible with helmet adapter, allowing you to mount on helmet for use in work zones or mountain biking
  • » Direct the beam onto the job at hand thanks to the pivoting base
  • » Single button control makes it easy to toggle through modes
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