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Olight RN-2000 Rechargeable LED Bike Light - 2000 Lumens

Item #: OLIGHT-RN-2000
Brand: Olight
Item #: OLIGHT-RN-2000
Brand: Olight
  • Includes overarching Floodlight, Hybrid, and Flashing Modes
  • Wireless remote control provides quick access to max output
  • USB-C discharging port enables use as a powerbank
  • Side visibility windows improve overall field of view

Olight RN-2000 Rechargeable LED Bike Light

High Output Biking Light

For biking enthusiasts who don't want to stop just because it's nighttime, use the Olight RN-2000! With a maximum output of 2000 lumens in a 170-meter beam, this light is the perfect tool for illuminating mountain trails and urban commutes. With its hybrid beam type mode, you can maximize visibility for long distance spotting and close-range viewing.

Specialized Outputs

With three overarching modes, users have full control of this light's output, ensuring they never get caught off guard by rocks, roots, or cracks. Its two flashing outputs will broadcast your location to oncoming traffic and help signal distress during emergencies. The side visibility windows further widen your field of view up close so that you can bike safely.

Intuitive Features

The RN-2000 includes a wireless remote control so that you can quickly access the light's maximum output with a single button push. This light has a USB-C charging port for quick recharges. The RN-2000 als has a discharging port for use as a powerbank to recharge devices like your phone.

High Medium Low
Brightness 1000lumens 500lumens 250lumens
Runtime 3.33hours 9hours 17.5hours
High Medium Low
Brightness 2000lumens 1000lumens 500lumens
Runtime 3.33hours 5.33hours 10.5hours
Night Flash Day Flash
Brightness 500↑2000lumens 0↑2000lumens
Runtime 6.5hours 10.5hours
  • Notable Features
  • » Discharging port enables this light ot be used as a powerbank
  • » Dual LEDs provide a wide array of output modes and brightnesses
  • » Uses a GoPro mount and can be used with any GoPro gear
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