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ThruNite Catapult Mini V2 USB-C Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 1108 Lumens - Luminus SFT40 - Includes 1 x 18350 - Black or Desert Tan

Brand: ThruNite
Brand: ThruNite
  • Max output of 1108 lumens in a 515-meter beam
  • Lockout mode prevents accidental activations
  • Specialized lighting modes for visibility in niche situations
  • USB-C rechargeable for fast, intuitive charging

ThruNite Catapult Mini V2 USB-C Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Compact and High-Powered

If you need an easy-to-carry EDC light with some real power, use the ThruNite Catapult Mini V2! With a maximum output of 1108 lumens, this light provides ample illumination for your everyday needs around the house, in your garage, or for short walks at night. Its combined anti-reflective glass lens and smooth reflector, this light produces a 515m beam that can cover the longest hiking trails.

The Catapult Mini V2 includes two specialized outputs: Firefly and Strobe. Firefly provides a maximum runtime of 85 hours with a 0.6 lumen output, perfect for reading books and maps at night or instructions in dark spaces. Strobe mode can effectively signal your location to help keep you safe during emergencies.

Helpful Features

With USB-C charging, this light can quickly and conveniently be recharged from other personal devices, like your laptop or powerbank. The included memory function will activate your light in its previously used mode to cut down on mode cycling.

Turbo High Medium Low Firefly Strobe
Brightness 1108↓358lumens 331lumens 160lumens 70lumens 0.6lumens 331lumens
Runtime 0.02+1.02hours 1.13hours 2.75hours 6.6hours 85hours 1.22hours
Distance 515meters - - - - -
Intensity 66150candela - - - - -
Note: Output will automatically stepdown to preserve battery life and flashlight health after extended use in High mode.
  • Notable Features
  • » IPX8 rating and drop resistance of 1.5m for improved overall durability
  • » Memory function remembers the previously used mode to reduce mode cycling
  • » Maximum possible runtime of 3.5 days for long-term use
  • » Lockout mode prevents accidental activations to preserve battery life
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