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Ultimate Survival Technologies Brila 450 LED Headlamp

Item #: UST-1156910
Item #: UST-1156910
  • 450 lumens maximum, 20 lumens minimum output from a power-conserving COB LED
  • White and red light prepares you for various environments and activities
  • Incredibly versatile with 6 output modes including an automatic SOS signal
  • Customizable focusing light beam expands and contracts to your setting

Ultimate Survival Technologies Brila 450 Headlamp

Capable of 26 Hours of Runtime & 450 Lumens of Light

The UST Brila 450 Headlamp is so-named thanks to its 450-lumen brightness capacity that can illuminate your view wherever you're headed next. Great for those who walk or run in darkness, for whom this headlamp will pathfind for more than a full day continuously, with a 26-hour maximum runtime.

6 Light Modes Activate Single-Handedly

Variable brightness settings empower you to navigate a whole range of light conditions. From an overcast day to the pitch black of night, the Brila 450 will always keep you trekking. Also features a light that will automatically flash a Morse code S.O.S signal for emergency situations.

Red Light Feature Multiplies Functionality

Two of the Brila 450's light modes emit soft red light that is handy for many situations, including early-morning fishing trips where white light would startle away fish and fresh tackle. Red light conserves battery to reach the maximum runtime and preserves your natural night vision while still providing you with valuable illumination.

White High White Medium White Low White Flashing Red Steady Red SOS Flashing
Brightness 450lumens 100lumens 20lumens -lumens 50lumens -lumens
Runtime 2hours 10hours 40hours 25hours 10hours 26hours
  • Notable Features
  • » Capable of a maximum 450 lumens for the most intense light needs, all the way to the soft 20-lumen setting
  • » Highly versatile light modes provide dual white and red colors for various recreation and emergency situations
  • » Built-in ratcheting gear concentrates the light beam, providing focused or broadened illumination for various tasks
  • » Run with the Brila 450 headlamp in rain or shine without worry thanks to IPX4 weather-rating
  • » 3 included li-poly AAA batteries and power-saving COB drive runtimes reaching 40 hours
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