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Princeton Tec Vizz 550 RGB MPLS LED Headlamp - 550 Lumens - Uses 3 x AAA - Black, Tan, Multicam, or OD Green

  • Up to 550 lumens provides excellent lighting for trade work or hiking
  • White LED is dimmable, giving you precision control over outputs
  • Powered by 3 x AAA batteries, an easily replaceable power source
  • RGB lighting options useful in frequently shifting tactical scenarios
  • Lockout mode available to prevent accidental activation

Princeton Tec VIZZ 550 RGB MLPS Headlamp

Tactical Headlamp With Bright Spot Beam

Princeton Tec's Vizz RGB Headlamp is built for rugged, tactical use by law enforcement or military personnel. Access up to 550 lumens in a spot beam that can reach 278 feet, giving you the illumination you need to gain situation awareness. The white LED is dimmable, so you'll have precision control over your output level based on your needs.

The Vizz RGB Headlamp runs on a readily available powersource. Three AAA batteries will provide you up to 75 hours of runtime, with reserve lighting power available so you're never left in the dark. The Ultrabight LEDs are regulated, allowing them to make the most efficient use of this easily replaceable power source. Rounded out with a lockout mode to prevent accidental activation while not in use, the Vizz RGB Headlamp is prepared to face tough situations and long work days outdoors.

Headlamp with RGB Lighting

The Vizz RGB Headlamp gives you the power to access red, green, and blue lights at the touch of a button. Analyze maps without damaging your night vision with the red light. Or use the green or blue lights for increased stealth in hunting scenarios. The Vizz RGB Headlamp has a lighting mode personalized for any scenario, allowing you to cut down on extraneous lighting gear.

Modular Personal Lighting System (MLPS)

The MPLS includes multiple mounts, giving you mounting options for your Vizz RGB while remaining streamlined and lightweight. The included NVG adapter plate and bracket mount for MOLLE allow you to customize your lighting placement based on your gear set up. Thanks to included adapters you can mount on helmets or MOLLE straps, providing unmatched tactical advantage on late-night patrols or a daring mission.

Spot HIGH Spot LOW Red Green Blue
Brightness 550lumens 40lumens 3lumens 5lumens 5lumens
Runtime 1.5hours 75hours 45hours 30hours 40hours
Distance 85meters 30meters 20meters 20meters 5meters
  • Notable Features
  • »
  • » IPX7 waterproofing provides protection from dust and water, great for outdoor use in the elements
  • » Uses 3 x AAA batteries - easily to find & replace, offering a max runtime of up to 75 hours
  • » Regulated Ultrabright LED capable of providing constant brightness while making efficient use of power source
  • » Reserve lighting available when battery voltage gets low so you're never left in the dark
  • » Red, green, and blue LEDs provide personalized lighting to preserve night vision and stealth
  • » Weighs only 3.2oz - able to be mounted to helmet or gear comfortably
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