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Ledlenser KidBeam4 LED Flashlight - 70 Lumens - Uses 2 x AAA - Dinosaur Green or Rainbow Purple

Brand: Ledlenser
Brand: Ledlenser
  • Special exterior color scheme and multi-color light outputs
  • Integrated clip fits on belts and pockets for efficient transport and standby storage
  • Uniform size and intuitive controls suited to everyone ages 4 and older
  • Common 2 x AAA battery power supply is tightly secured and easily replaced

Ledlenser Kidbeam 4 Flashlight

Provide EDC Flashlight Safety for the Whole Family!

With a world of flashlights out there running the gamut from blazing searchlights to dazzling defensive strobes, it can be hard to find a flashlight for kids. The Kidbeam 4 doesn't create the intense light or heat of a powerful searchlight. Instead, safety-focused features like the frosty intensity regulation lens are specifically designed to protect children's eyesight.

Engaging Colors — Interactive Design

Exciting purple rainbow and blue dinosaur color schemes will appeal to kids with all sorts of interests and color preferences. Kids will be drawn in by the visual element, while the 6 output modes (more than many flashlights) keep them engaged and entertained with different colors and a blinking setting. So while the Kidbeam 4 is fantastic for kids to have their own safe lighting solution, this fun flashlight is a source of long-lasting entertainment in and of itself.

AAA Batteries & Energy Efficiency Drive 18-Hour Runtime

To make it easy, the Kidbeam 4 takes two common AAA batteries, which the light's current regulation system is able to make a single set last up to 18 hours. Even if you or your child forgets to turn the Kidbeam 4 off, that's okay: after 20 minutes idling, an automatic switch-off feature will activate. This can also help you and your kids find a good stopping time for activities.


High Low Red Green Blue Alternate Color Blinking
Brightness 70lumens 10lumens - - - -
Runtime 4hours 18hours - - - -
Distance 12meters 5meters - - - -
  • Notable Features
  • » Provides plenty of illumination for any activity, shining at a safely bright 70 lumens
  • » 2 x AAA alkaline batteries are included, powering up to 18 hours of continuous runtime
  • » LED optic lens emits a soft glow instead of a harsh glare to protect kids' sensitive eyes
  • » Customizable automatic on/off feature for energy conservation— default setting is 20 minutes
  • » IP44 dust/water proofing will keep out accidental exposure to dirt or water
  • » ABS plastic is the same material as hard hats protecting the circuits and LED from light drop damage
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