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Energizer Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlamp - 400 Lumens (HDD32E), or 315 Lumens with Industrial Strap for Hardhats (HDDIN32E) - Includes 3 x AAAs

Brand: Energizer
Brand: Energizer

Energizer Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlamp

Premium Headlight at an Affordable Price

Are you active at nighttime and need a tool to help you see in the dark that won't hinder your ability to play games, run or even hike? The Energizer Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlamp is the perfect tool for your needs! This hands-free flashlight is ideally meant for use while running or cycling outdoors. The LED headlamp offers 2 different outputs, as well as a digital focus to accommodate any scenario or need. A white spot light is perfect for seeing far ahead, while the white flood light covers a wider area and is great for those hiking or trekking on uneven terrain. The Energizer Vision HD+ Focus even offers a red light for better night vision.

Easy Operation & Adjustments

This LED headlamp features two large-sized buttons for effortless transitioning between the different outputs. Choose the right button to cycle in-between the different beam styles and colors. Push once to turn on the red LED. Push the button a second time to illuminate all 3 LEDs, for a maximum output of 400 lumens on the standard model, and 315 lumens on the industrial model. A third push transitions into low mode. The left button, on the other hand, can be held down to adjust the focus of the beam. If you press the button instead, the light will immediately turn to the last used output level. In addition to the easy-to-use buttons, the headlight also features a handy pivoting design to adjust the positioning of the beam. For example, if you are using the light while cycling, you may prefer to have it point directly down in front of your wheel so that you may see upcoming obstacles in the road. The Energizer Vision HD+ also includes an adjustable, non-slip band that fits more users' heads and hats with ease.

Comfortable & Lightweight Yet Durable & Long Lasting

The Energizer Vision HD+ Focus was designed with comfort and durability in mind. The head strap is made from soft materials so as to be worn comfortably on a user's forehead. The light itself is made from more rugged materials that can withstand impacts up to 1 meter. The lens is shatter-proof, thus making it ideal for use while hiking and cycling. Feel secure in knowing the light won't break while traversing rocky or uneven terrain. Another great feature of this LED headlamp is that it is rated IPX-4 for water resistance. Finally, this LED headlamp is available for purchase with 2 different types of straps. Choose between the standard design, for placement on your forehead, and the no-slip grip version, for use with hardhats. If you are an outdoors-man who is looking for a lightweight yet strong hands-free flashlight, then the Energizer Vision HD+ Focus is a versatile and feature-filled tool that fits all of your needs.

Features & Specifications:

  • LED technology is 4 times brighter
  • Impact resistant up to 1 meter
  • Rated IPX-4 for water resistance
  • Pivoting head for a more focused beam presence
  • Unique optic design for both direct and peripheral vision
  • Shatter-proof lens for stress-free use
  • 2 large buttons for effortless operation
  • Soft red LEDs for night vision
  • Built-in memory recall for quick beam selection
  • Fully-adjustable head-strap fits most
  • Power Source: 3 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Standard Model Outputs / Runtimes:
    • High: 400 lumens / 3 hours
    • Low: 45 lumens / 35 hours
  • Industrial Model for Hardhats Outputs / Runtimes:
    • High: 315 lumens / 6 hours
    • Low: 60 lumens / 50 hours
  • Maximum Beam Distance: 85 meters
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Strap/Lumen Models and Skus:
    • Standard strap for forehead use, 400 lumens: ENERGIZER-HDD32E
    • Industrial-strength strap with no-slip grip for use on hardhats, 315 lumens: ENERGIZER-HDDIN32E
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