Nite Ize Radiant USB-C Rechargeable Pen Light - 235 Lumens - (RPLRA-01-R7)

Brand: Nite Ize
Brand: Nite Ize
  • Max beam power shines at 235 lumens across 60 meters
  • Dual brightness modes with 12-hour runtime on low
  • Rechargeable via simple USB-C port
  • Stainless steel pocket clip for daily portability

Nite Ize Radiant USB-C Rechargeable Pen Light

Solid Construction — High Performance

The Nite Ize Radiant Rechargeable Pen Light is a compact, whisper-weight light that is great for every day carry. The light is operable single-handedly thanks to its push-button tailcap switch. The Radiant Pen Light is also highly portable because of its stainless-steel pocket clip, making it easy to keep on you when taking care of tasks at work or around the house.

The Radiant Pen Light delivers dual brightness levels so you can adjust to various times of day and spatial light requirements. These two modes reach a maximum of 235 lumens, casting a 60-meter-long beam allowing you to identify objects at a distance. The low mode offers an ample 11 lumens of light, running for a total of 12 hours, great for emergency situations like a vehicle breakdown or power outage.

Quick, Convenient Charging

The Radiant Pen Light has a built-in rechargeable battery which is powered via a USB-C port recessed beneath the twisting light head. Simply unscrew to reveal the charging port and plug in to repower the Radiant Pen Light in just 90 minutes. To let you know the battery status, an indicator LED will change color when charging is complete.

High Low
Brightness 235lumens 11lumens
Runtime 1.75hours 12hours
Distance 60meters -
  • Notable Features
  • » IPX7 weather rating and 1-meter impact resistance
  • » Charge indicator LED next to charging port gives battery status at a glance
  • » 90-minute recharge time for quick turnaround on charging breaks
  • » Compact, lightweight pen-sized light great for household and work tasks
  • » Includes a lockout mode to preserve power when not in use
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