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ThruNite Archer UV LED Flashlight - 365nm - 720mW - Uses 1 x AA

Brand: ThruNite
Brand: ThruNite
  • Compatible with Alkaline or Rechargeable NiMH AA batteries
  • Maximum output power of 720mW for reliable visibility
  • Can spot stains outside normal eye range
  • Designed with a runtime of 45 minutes

ThruNite Archer UV LED Flashlight

Compact UV Lighting

If you need a flashlight that's great for spotting out tough-to-see messes, then pick up the ThruNite Archer UV! With a maximum output power of 720mW, this light has vibrant UV illumination designed for identifying counterfeit money or locating stains from spilled drinks. It can also be used to verify passports if you work in airports.

Reliable Power

To cut down on long-term costs, the Archer UV can be powered by a rechargeable AA NiMH battery for reusable power. Alternatively, you can swap in a AA alkaline battery so that you can immediately light up your surroundings again. This also gives you spare batteries for reliable power at all times.

Optical Power 720mW
Wavelength 365nm
Runtime 0.75hours
  • Notable Features
  • » Compatible with two different power sources for versatile use
  • » Can be used to see stains, ID identifiers, insects, minerals, and more
  • » Knurling on the flashlight's body provides a reliable grip
  • » IPX7 rating and anodized aluminum body for durability against water, dust, and drops
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