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Olight O'Pen Mini Pen - Red or Brass

Brand: Olight
Brand: Olight
  • Compact design makes this pen easily concealable - store anywhere!
  • Strong aluminum alloy body gives this pen a dependably long lifetime
  • Pocket clip allows you to secure pen to your notebook, pocket, bags, and more
  • Bolt action activation allows for easy access to a smooth writing experience

Olight O'Pen Mini

Top of the Line Writing Tools

Olight is delivering a small but mighty writing instrument: the O'Pen Mini! Give yourself a well-priced, inconspicuous pen that will last. Thanks to durable aluminum construction, this pen can be put to the test without breaking. The O'Pen's small size will easily fit inside your shirt pocket, pants pocket, purse, and more. This instrument is perfect for travelers, office workers, construction workers, or writers - anyone who puts pen to paper will enjoy the smooth writing power of the O'Pen Mini!

  • Notable Features
  • » Pocket clip allows you to secure O'Pen Mini in convenient locations - your pockets, bags, clipboards, and more
  • » Smooth, ballpoint design makes this tool easy to write with
  • » Aluminum alloy construction makes the body of the pen able to withstand weather and wear and tear

**Some Options No Longer Available

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