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GemOro Sparkle Spa Pro - Personal Ultrasonic Cleaner - Slate (GEMORO-1791)

Item #: GEMORO-1791
Brand: GemOro
Item #: GEMORO-1791
Brand: GemOro

The GemOro Sparkle Spa Pro is an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner made with professional use in mind. The sparkle spa produces 42,000 ultrasonic waves per second that removes dirt, grime and debris from even the most intricate jewelry. Any ring, bracelet, earring or amulet can simply be placed in the ultrasonic bath for a superior cleaning that leaves precious goods looking like new. Crafted for industry use, this cleaner is an excellent utility for any jeweler or pawn shop, and can even be used at home thanks to its compact size.

Superior Ultrasonic Action

The Sparkle spa pro is designed for industry use, and its sleek curves and chrome accents display the intention for use in high end stores. Its performance matches the professional looks of the device, with powerful ultrasonic wave cleaning and adjustable settings allow for precise timing control. The bath is a compact size that can easily be worked in to any small workshop setting, but the bath area is still large enough to hold any piece of jewelry. The device runs on simple tap water (however for best results it can be used in conjunction with GemOro Sparkle Pak solution).

  • True professional grade ultrasonic jewelry cleaner
  • Approximate 25oz tank capacity
  • Powerful 42,000 Hz Energy producing sound waves per second
  • Digital timer
  • Auto shut-off function - 5 cleaning cycles
  • Safely cleans most jewelry using regular tap water
  • Bright blue LED illuminated stainless steel tank
  • Auto-opening transparent evaporation-free cover
  • Quiet solid-state circuitry
  • Elegant black European contoured design with chrome accents
  • 1 year limited replacement warranty
  • 42,000 Sound waves per second
  • Weight: 3 lb.
  • Volume Capacity: 25 oz
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