GoLight Wireless Handheld Remote (30100)

Item #: GOLIGHT-30100
Brand: GoLight
Item #: GOLIGHT-30100
Brand: GoLight
  • Replacement remote for all GT series wireless spotlights
  • Tilt or turn the light vertically or horizontally on demand
  • Turns the light on and off and sets movement speed for improved accuracy
  • Wireless operation made possible by 2 x A23 12V batteries

GoLight Wireless Handheld Remote

Wireless Replacement Remote for GoLight GT Spotlights

Save valuable time on the job by setting your spotlight beam using the GoLight Wireless Handheld Remote to meet tasks rather than moving it manually. With one compact control, you can turn the light on and off or take advantage of the full mobility and accuracy of GT series spotlights using movement operations governing speed and orientation.

Set your spotlight's vertical and horizontal angle with the intuitive arrow-labeled controls while using the single movement speed button to make broad or subtle adjustments. With this format, you can quickly aim the spotlight in a general direction, then precisely train the beam on the job at hand. This remote deploys dual high voltage Gold Peak A23 batteries that elongate the remote's runtime to avoid power supply changes in the field and keep you moving. See manual for customizable programming guide.

  • Notable Features
  • » Supports versatile operation including on/off operation, 4 aiming arrows, and a movement speed control button.
  • » Move the light up, down, right, and left with a simple directional pad and set the movement speed with a single press of the button bearing a "Tortoise & Hare" design.
  • » A pair of included 12V A23 batteries provide an impressively long-lasting power supply, meaning fewer battery changes for you.
  • » Custom analog programming is easily set for guaranteed pairing with a dedicated spotlight.
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