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Klein Tools Clamp Meter Electrical Test Kit

Brand: Klein
Brand: Klein
  • Diagnoses for very common wiring issues
  • Multiple testing methods for comprehensive analyses
  • 2000 Count Reverse Contrast LCD display

Klein Tools Clamp Meter Electrical Test Kit

A Kit for Conquering Your Job with Accuracy

The Klein Tools Clamp Meter Electrical Test Kit allows you to work with accuracy, precision, and clarity when dealing with circuitry. For improved versatility, this test kit can detect a wide array of common wiring problems in standard or GFCI receptacles, ensuring that you know exactly what problem needs to be fixed and how. This includes conditions such as open ground, reverse polarity, open hot, open neutral, and hot/ground reversed.

The line splitter is so well designed that it includes a unique feature. It enables you to measure current draws upwards of 15A without splitting the power cord of the load, letting you tackle even the biggest circuitry jobs. This test kit also uses a 400 amp digital clamp meter with AC Auto-Ranging. With its backlit display, it will always provide you with clear, easily readable measurements, both to keep you safe and allow you to work without any mishaps.

Jaw Size 1.61inches
Display 2000 Count Reverse Contrast LCD
Functions TRMS, AC Current, NCVT
AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, and Continuity
Voltage 600 V AC/DC
Pollution Degree 8.7inches
Resistance 20ΩM
Auto Power Off 15minutes
Operating Altitude 6562 / 2000feet / meters
Operating Temp 32° to 122°F
Storage Temp 14° to 122°F
  • Notable Features
  • » Capable of diagnosing a wide array of very common wiring issues
  • » Uses multiple testing methods to give a comprehensive analysis
  • » 2000 Count Reverse Contrast LCD display for incredibly clear readability
  • » Line splitter allows you to perform tests without having to split the power cord
  • » Comes with its own compatible test leads for ease of use
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