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Nextorch Nextool TaoBar Multi-Function EDC Box Cutter

Brand: Nextorch
Brand: Nextorch
  • Small, lightweight EDC multi-tool can be stored on a keyset
  • Excellent at opening packages or cutting a seatbelt in an emergency
  • Features a nail remover and screwdriver for quick repair jobs
  • Includes a bottle opener and Swedish Sandvik steel hook blade

Nextorch Nextool TaoBar

Safe Box Cutter

The Nextorch Nextool TaoBar is an EDC multi-tool that can fit on your daily keyset and accomplish 4 unique tasks. First and foremost is its hook blade, with the sharp end recessed for safety and excellent at opening packages or cutting a seatbelt in an emergency. The blade is made from Swedish Sandvik steel with extreme hardness and edge retention qualities that make it great at what it does. Not only that, but the blade is coated in a non-stick Teflon material that staves off buildup of package glue, tape, or other contaminants.

Nail Remover, Flathead Screwdriver, & Bottle Opener

The TaoBar incorporates multiple implements in its design great for quick repair jobs and unwinding after a long day. The handle end is plated with titanium, complementing the heavy-duty nail remover and flathead screwdriver combo situated at the base. Also on the handle is a recession used for prying off bottle caps. With the TaoBar, you'll have a multi-tool capable of completing four unique tasks: opening packages, removing nails, tightening screws, and opening bottles!

  • Notable Features
  • » Nail remover is slightly curved to aid in prying up nails
  • » Only weighs 16.1 grams, so is easy to carry with you every day
  • » Simple liner lock keeps the blade in place during cutting jobs
  • » Hook blade opens packages safely without damaging items inside
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