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Alkaline Lantern Batteries

These heavy duty cells are built for tough industrial uses in high drain devices, including large lanterns, flashlights and other specialty equipment. The high capacity batteries are made up of multiple cells that typically use alkaline or zinc-carbon chemistry. Those cells are housed together inside a larger, frequently rectangular shell. Please note that similar packages may actually include different-sized cells inside. A 6 Volt alkaline lantern battery, for example, may house 4 D batteries, while another 6-Volt battery uses F-size instead. The result is 2 different batteries, each with its own capacity.

Cross-reference: EN1209, EN529, MN908, EV90, EV90HP, GP908, PJ996, EN528, EN521, MN918, GP918S, GP918G, 918/1231, EN715, PC903

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