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Leatherman Raptor Rescue Shears Multi-Tool - 4 Color Options with Utility Holster - Box or Peg Packaging

Brand: Leatherman
Brand: Leatherman
  • 6-in-1 multi-tool with implements valuable to first responders
  • Fast-access folding medical shears help paramedics assess injuries
  • Strap and ring cutters for seat belts, rings, and more
  • Built-in wrench for opening oxygen tanks with ease

Leatherman Raptor Rescue Shears Multi-Tool

High-Grade Medical Scissors

The Leatherman Raptor Rescue is a multi-tool with a primary pair of medical scissors, complemented by other tools to help free trapped subjects, assess injuries, and save lives. The shears are made from high-grade 420HC stainless steel for excellent edge retention. At the same time, these shears keep subjects safe with a blunted lower scissor arm. On that lower arm, a 5cm ruler helps in assessing injuries.

6-in-1 Integrated First Responder Kit

In addition to the shears, the Raptor Rescue multi-tool incorporates a ring cutter to help cut through rings and a strap cutter to sever seat belts. On the strap cutter is also a wrench for opening oxygen tanks. The durable glass-filled nylon handle is complete with a carbide glass-breaking tip for accessing vehicles via windows or windshields.

  • Notable Features
  • » Lightweight, convenient utility holster keeps shears quickly accessible and safe on standby
  • » Carbide glass breaker on handle for shattering car windows in an emergency
  • » 5-centimeter ruler on shear blade helps assess injuries
  • » Just 5 inches long when collapsed, easy to store and carry
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