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LRI Photon Proton PRO LED Flashlight w. Cree LED 1000+ Candle Power! 100 Lumens! Uses 1 X AA


The new Proton PRO features a single high-power 2-Watt Cree LED, producing a penetrating, focused beam of light that is 2-3x brighter than the multi-LED array of the standard Proton flashlight with no reduction in battery life! When brightness, size, and cost matter, the Proton Pro is the best choice in single AA flashlights.

The Proton Pro is designed to perform in extreme conditions, heavy rain, sub-zero temperatures, or anything else Mother Nature has to offer. This Powerful flashlight produces over 1,000 candle power from a single white LED. Proton Pro is made from aircraft quality aluminum with type III anodizing, O-ring seals, and a hardened glass lens. This ensures that the Proton Pro flashlight is ready for your next adventure.

The Proton Pro is equipped with Freedom Circuitry which provides variable brightness, 3 signaling modes, and automatic SOS mode in both red and white beams. All of these features operate easily from a single button. Measuring only 4.25" in length and weighing only 1.6 ounces, Proton Pro is lightweight and easy to carry. With a custom belt holster, the Proton Pro is an easy to add accessory.

Proton Pro also comes standard with an Energizer Lithium AA battery, which is the only type of battery that works in extreme cold conditions. Proton Pro can also use any other type of AA battery, but works especially well with NiMH rechargeable batteries.

If your Proton Pro shuts off after a few seconds, turn back on and hold the button down until light shuts off. This removes it from point of purchase mode.

  • 1000+ Candle Power White LED(powerful 2W Cree LED)
  • Intuitive Single Button Operation - Even with gloves.
  • Smart Circuit
    • Electronic, instant full power On/Off at any time.
    • Independent full range brightness control for both White and Red beams.
    • 4 Safety strobe modes: Slow - Medium - Fast - SOS
    • Signal / Morse Code mode
  • Super-bright regulated light output
    • 1000+ candle power, 1.4W (White)
    • 12 candle power, 150 mW (Red)
  • Easy Battery Replacement - Takes ANY AA size Lithium Primary, NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), Alkaline, NiCad or standard Carbon battery (Continual burn times vary depending on the kind of battery used).
  • Waterproof - Rubber O-rings allow for fail-proof use in all kinds of foul weather.
  • Detachable Clip - Easy on. Easy off. Includes filler snap ring when clip not in use.
  • Built Tough to Survive Serious Daily Use - precision machined aluminum body with Type III hard anodized finish.
  • Hardened glass lens
  • Friction ridges for sure grip
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