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Nextorch K40 USB-C Rechargeable LED Keychain Flashlight - 700 Lumens - Uses Built-in 180mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

Item #: NEXTORCH-K40
Brand: Nextorch
Item #: NEXTORCH-K40
Brand: Nextorch
  • USB-C port design for quick charging in 1.5 hours
  • Clear body design allows omnidirectional illumination
  • Unique lighting modes provide specialized visibility
  • Multi-function switch enables intuitive mode switching

Nextorch K40 USB-C Rechargeable LED Keychain Flashlight

Intuitive Keychain Lighting

If you need a keychain light with unique output options, pick up the Nextorch K40! With a maximum output of 300 lumens in a 255.91ft (78m) beam, this light is perfect for short walks to your car at night, small tasks at home, and illuminating small, tight spaces. The multi-function body switch enables intuitive mode switching so that you can always easily access the exact lighting mode you need.

Specialized LEDs and Outputs

The K40's red, blue, and UV side LEDs provide lighting options for unique or niche applications. The red LED provides users with a close-range personal locator as well as a lighting option that preserves night vision. The UV LED lets you see what ordinarily can't be seen with the human eye, such as counterfeit documents. This option can even help you identify counterfeit documents for law enforcement work. Its combined red and blue LED output creates a signaling tool perfect for emergencies.

User-Centric Features

The keychain hook of the K40 lets you attach it to your bag or keys with no hassle. The clip allows you to attach it to your hat's brim so that it can also function as a backup headlamp while you're camping or hiking. Its clear body also ensures an omnidirectional output from the side LEDs.

High Medium Low Strobe Red/UV Red/Blue
Brightness 300lumens 50lumens 10lumens 700lumens - -
Runtime 1hours 1.5hours 9.25hours - ≥4hours ≥19hours
Beam Distance 78meters 30meters 12meters - - -
Intensity 1520candela 232candela 40candela - - -
  • Notable Features
  • » Designed with a USB-C charging port to charge anywhere at any time
  • » Red, Blue, and UV LEDs provide specialized lighting options
  • » Multi-function switch prevents unintentional mode changes
  • » Clip attaches to straps and hat brims for hands-free use
  • » Can be used as a personal locator on your bag or a headlamp on your hat
  • » Integrated LED indicator clearly displays charge level
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