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Nitecore EDC27 UHi USB-C Rechargeable LED Flashlight - 3100 Lumens - NiteLab UHi 20 - Uses Built-in 3.7V 1700mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

Brand: Nitecore
Brand: Nitecore
  • New UHi LED provides up to 3,100 lumens and 305-meter throw for hiking & camping!
  • USB-C charge port supports fast, convenient recharging from outlets, power banks, and more
  • Ultra slim design supports ergonomic grip, easy pocket carry, durability, and improved overheat protection
  • OLED screen displays parameters such as brightness, runtime, lockout mode for user-friendly design
  • Includes proximity sensor for added safety protection at work

Nitecore EDC27 UHi

UHi LED Upgrade - Brighter Than Ever!

The Nitecore EDC27 UHi brings the fan-favorite EDC flashlight to the next level and builds upon the ultra-slim flat flashlight design! It's been upgraded to use Nitelab UHi 20 LEDs, which prioritize high light density and high beam intensity, resulting in a max 3,100 lumens and 305-meter throw. This reaches 38.6% higher than the original model! This way, whether you're working on home improvement projects, using it at work, or on your camping trip, the updated EDC27 UHi has your back with bright, reliable illumination. The EDC27 UHi keeps the added strobe mode, which helps protect in emergencies. With the proximity sensor design, light on turbo, high, and strobe modes will automatically step down to a lower level when up close to an obstruction, to ensure safety in your pocket or other small spaces.

Ultra-Slim Profile - Ergonomic Yet Durable

This flashlight has an ultra-slim construction to make it both lightweight and rigid. As a result, it can avoid compression and twist, making it a functional, ergonomic, and durable choice to keep in your pocket for long periods. The EDC27 UHi weighs just 4.3oz, for a compact and portable carry, perfect for hiking trips or work shifts. It has a stainless steel construction to resist bending and corrosion, which provides durability from heavy pressure. The titanium coating helps resist scratches and fingerprints. This flashlight is a saving grace at work and a trusted companion on outdoor trips! The flat design helps create an equal and far-reaching heat dissipation zone on the flashlight which disperses heat fast to prevent overheating, especially crucial during extended periods of use such as a long shift at work.

OLED Display - User-Friendly

This EDC flashlight has a built-in OLED display which keeps you apprised of multiple factors of the light at a glance. From brightness level, battery voltage, runtime, and more, stay aware of the current status on the job so you know when to charge up again. It has a lockout mode that is displayed on the OLED screen, a user-friendly design that helps keep you and your light safe.

USB-C Rechargeable

The EDC27 UHi has a built-in lithium-ion battery pack that supports the light with a 1700mAh capacity. This reliable capacity helps to support extended runtimes of up to 55 hours, perfect for long work shifts or camping trips. It has a USB-C charge port on the body of the light, supporting fast charging from right in the light. With USB-C recharging, you have a convenient power solution allowing charging from a wall charger, laptop, car, and more!

Turbo High Medium Low Ultralow Strobe
Brightness 3,100lumens 1,100lumens 200lumens 65lumens 15lumens 3,100lumens
Runtime - 1.58hours 4.33hours 14hours 55hours -
Distance 305meters 185meters 90meters 50meters 24meters -
Intensity 23,500candela 8,800candela 2,000candela 680candela 145candela -
  • Notable Features
  • » Semi and full lockout modes to prioritize safety in everyday use
  • » Includes stainless steel clip for simple carry on your bag, pocket, or shirt pocket
  • » IP54 rating protects from harsh weather in the great outdoors
  • » 1-meter impact resistance provides durability in rough-and-tumble use
  • » Intuitive dual tail switch design makes it simple to switch output modes from low to turbo and strobe
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