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Nitecore P35i USB-C Rechargeable Dual Beam LEP Flashlight - 6 x CREE XP-G3 and 1 x LEP - 3000 Lumens - Includes 1 x 21700

Item #: NITECORE-P35-I
Brand: Nitecore
Item #: NITECORE-P35-I
Brand: Nitecore
  • Game-changing OLED displays remaining runtime at a glance and indicates 4 key performance statistics
  • High intensity 3,000-lumen CREE LED floodlight array provides wide-angle area light
  • Blazing LEP spotlight with 186,000-candela intensity capable of casting light more than a mile away
  • Fusion modes and brightness settings allow you to mix-and-match flashlight features to solve a broad range of challenges
  • Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology with cooling fins on the light head to prevent overheating

Nitecore P35i Dual Beam Ultra Long Distance Flashlight

State-of-the-Art LEP Spotlight & 6 CREE LED Floodlights

The Nitecore P35i blends 2 unique light sources that enable you to tackle tasks at ranges long and short alike. A laser-focused LEP that stays strong at vast distances and an ultra bright LED array with a wide span casting past your peripheral sightlines for comprehensive situational awareness to hazards and obstacles wherever they may be.

Next-Generation Real Time OLED Display

Whereas most flashlights have a battery indicator function that tells you the general power supply, the P35i has exact written information available on-the-fly. A compact OLED screen on the flashlight body shows information like the mode setting and its corresponding brightness, lumen output, and throw distance, plus the exact time left on the charge.

3 Unique Modes, Each with Several Brightness Levels

A single switch operates the single LEP spotlight and LED floodlight array independently while a Mix Mode provides the full force of both the Spot and Flood sources. Each of these modes are composed of up to 5 brightness levels, ultimately supplying 13 unique illumination options that adapt to whatever situation you find yourself facing.

Turbo High Med Low Ultralow
Brightness 3,000lumens 1,000lumens 300lumens 70lumens 10lumens
Runtime .75hours 2hours 6.75hours 28hours 60hours
Distance 200meters 120meters 70meters 35meters 10meters
Intensity 10,000candela 3,600candela 1,200candela 270candela 40candela
Turbo High Med Low Ultralow
Brightness 410lumens 200lumens 130lumens 65lumens 25lumens
Runtime 2.25hours 3hours 4.5hours 8hours 12hours
Distance 1,650meters 1,200meters 900meters 650meters 350meters
Intensity 678,000candela 370,000candela 202,000candela 107,000candela 30,200candela
High Med Low
Brightness 3,000lumens 420lumens 130lumens
Runtime .75hours 2.75hours 6hours
Distance 1,650meters 900meters 640meters
Intensity 678,000candela 202,000candela 103,000candela

This flashlight comes with a proprietary 21700-sized battery, and is not compatible with conventional 21700 batteries.
  • Notable Features
  • » OLED display shows the remaining runtime based on the current mode and battery charge, allowing you to strategically conserve energy while accomplishing your tactical goals.
  • » Dual beam fusion lighting system with the long-distance LEP Spot Mode, ultrabright 6 CREE LED Flood Mode, and a Mix Mode that harnesses the best of both worlds for multipurpose missions.
  • » The P35i has a USB-C port that enables in-body recharging when powered by the 21700i Li-ion battery. CR123 or RCR123 units can also be deployed as a power supply in a pinch.
  • » LEP spotlight technology achieves throw more than a mile long to meet demanding tasks at a distance, while the 6 CREE LED array provides immediate range illumination reaching 3,000 lumens.
  • » Uncompromising military grade construction featuring aero grade aluminum alloy with an HA III hard-anodized finish that prevents scratches, wear-and-tear abrasion marks, and corrosion in extreme environments.
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