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NiteIze RadDog Retractable Pocket Leash - Large or Small

Brand: Nite Ize
Brand: Nite Ize
  • 45" (small) or 45.7"(large) of leash length, plenty for your dog to comfortably explore
  • Nylon sleeve to keep clean from dog drool, rain, and mud
  • 80lb (small) or 130lb (large) break strength keeps your dog tethered in case they tug and pull
  • Nylon handle for hand comfort on long walks

NiteIze RadDog Retractable Pocket Leash

Dog Walking Made Easy

The NiteIze RadDog Retractable Pocket Leash is an option that supports you and your dog's last minute and urgent needs! If your pet experiences anxiety at the vet office, this 45" (small) to 45.7" (large) retractable leash can keep them close. If they get spooked and jumpy, the break strength of 80lbs (small) to 130lbs (large) will keep them safe and under control. These two features also make potty stops easier, since you can quickly give them more slack to roam about. If you have a distractible puppy, this leash is also the perfect training tool for when they tug and pull at the sight of other dogs, people, or squirrels.

Features for Convenience

With its compact size, this leash is easy to store in your car, making it quick to grab when your dog can't wait for for the next pitstop! This also means that it can fit in your bag or pocket so you can keep it on your person. Don't worry about getting this leash dirty with dog slobber or mud, because the nylon sleave protects the leash and makes it easy to clean. The nylon construction makes it durable for years of use and comfortable for long walks without hurting your hand.

  • Notable Features
  • » Large version designed with 130lb break strength for larger dogs
  • » Small version designed with 80lb break strength for smaller dogs
  • » Clip made from durable metal for long-term use
  • » Both sizes small enough to fit in backpacks, cars, and more for easy storage
  • » Can easily attach other pet necessities to the nylon handle
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