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Olight Flashlight Filter Red - Fits M2X-UT, M3X, SR51, SR52

Brand: Olight
Brand: Olight

Olight FSR51 / DSR51 Filters

Now that's a horse of a different color!

Olight FSR51 filters feature multiple color options and are crafted from the finest material to add an additional tactical touch to your favorite high powered LED flashlight. These filters are constructed from highly durable TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and a mineral coated glass lens to create a filter that can take a beating. The FSR51 filter will fit almost any flashlight with a 63mm diameter, and is specifically designed for Olight M3X, M31, SR50, SR51 and SR52 models.

Each individual color filter has a unique effect on the light and specific uses that it excels at.

  • Red filters protect natural night vision and are favored by hunters, military and aircraft personnel.
  • Green filters offer the classic night vision experience and tend to sharpen outlines for enhanced vision in low light situations.
  • Blue filters a specifically used to enhance the visibility of bodily fluids, and are therefore invaluable to both hunters and law enforcement for blood tracking.
  • White diffusers convert standard beams in to wide angle beams, creating excellent area lighting at the expense of throw distance.
Features & Benefits:
  • Constructed from durable thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Lanyard hole for easy carrying
  • Mineral coated glass lens
  • Compatible with most 63mm diameter flashlights
  • Available in red, green, blue & white diffuser styles
  • Specifically designed for Olight models:
    • M3X XM-L2 Triton
    • M31 Triton
    • SR50 Intimidator
    • SR51 Intimidator
    • SR52 Intimidator
Manufacturer Part Numbers:
  • Red Filter: FSR51-R
  • Green Filter: FSR51-G (no longer available)
  • White Diffuser: DSR51 / 6950723803041
  • Blue Filter: FSR51-B / 6950723805113 (no longer available)
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