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Olight Replacement Pocket Clip for the I3T-EOS and I3T Plus

Brand: Olight
Brand: Olight
  • Great to keep as an extra or grab to replace I3T-EOS clip
  • Two-way pocket clip - light your way or keep secure in your pocket
  • Great to attach on hat brim, pocket, or shirt for active carry
  • Helps in EDC, Outdoor application

Olight I3T-EOS, Plus Replacement Pocket Clip

Use your I3T Hands-Free Again!

If you've lost your pocket clip for the I3T-EOS or I3T Plus, worry no more. With this replacement clip, you can once again use your I3T-EOS hands-free. Thanks to the two-way design, you can secure your I3T Plus in your pocket or attach to your baseball cap, turning it into a powerful headlamp. Attach your light to your backpack or shirt, giving you freedom to do yard work or car maintenance.

  • Notable Features
  • » Available as a replacement or added pocket clip for the Olight I3T-EOS and I3T Plus
  • » Hole in the clip can easily help carry a lanyard
  • » Perfectly fits the original I3T-EOS's clip for simple, no-hassle replacement
  • » Deep-carry design - wider, sturdy design offers firm attachment
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