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Olight Obulb Pro S Rechargeable LED Lantern - 240 Lumens - Uses Built-in 1650mAh Li-ion Battery Pack - With or Without Charging Cable - Black, OD Green, Orange, Gray, Blue, or Red

Brand: Olight
Brand: Olight
  • Bluetooth app connectivity for simplified, remote control
  • Long runtimes mean fewer interruptions for recharging
  • Maximum output of 240 lumens substantial enough for room lighting
  • Light casts up to 9 meters away, illuminating most living spaces

Olight Obulb Pro S

Centralized App Control

A new feature of the Olight Obulb Pro S is its Bluetooth connectivity, with which it can be paired to the Olight Hub app for smart devices. When paired via the app, users can remotely set the brightness, color, and output mode of their Obulb Pro S while keeping tabs on the light's remaining power level. The app also enhances user engagement with the Obulb Pro S by giving a readout of its mode, which is great for playing games with a group like whack-a-mole or setting the music rhythm function. The light can also be controlled by a convenient touch switch for a modernized version of a classic lantern experience.

Ample Lighting — Long Runtimes

The Obulb Pro S emits light as far as 9 meters away in 360°, with up to 240 lumens in brightness. Deploying white or multicolor light, long runtimes are supplied by the built-in 1650mAh lithium battery pack. On the low white light setting, enjoy up to 156 hours of light without a charging break!

First-Class Manufacturing

Protected from impacts from up to 4.92 feet in height, the Obulb Pro S is an excellent choice for kids. Rounded out by polycarbonate and thermoplastic materials, the Obulb Pro S is also IPX7 rated for exposure to the elements, standing up to submersion up to a meter deep. This solid construction will endure usage indoors and out so you can enjoy the Obulb Pro S no matter the season or weather.

High Low
Brightness 240lumens 0.8lumens
Runtime 2.5hours 156hours
Distance 9meters 0.5meters
Intensity 20candela 0.05candela
Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 3 Mode 4 Mode 5 Mode 6
Brightness 10lumens 10lumens 15lumens 9lumens 12lumens 4lumens
Runtime 12hours 12hours 9hours 12.5hours 7.5hours 16.5hours
  • Notable Features
  • » Safer from accidents, the Obulb Pro S is impact resistant to 4.92 feet and rated for protection in submersion up to 1 meter deep
  • » Magnetic base provides simple options for mounting and recharging
  • » Can be fully charged in 3 hours and is operable for 156 hours, supplying lightning-quick turnaround time
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