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Panasonic Industrial 6LF22XWA1SB Alkaline 9V Battery with Snap Connector (6LF22XWA/1SB)

Brand: Panasonic
Brand: Panasonic
  • Formidable Panasonic construction and technology provide long-lasting power
  • 9-volt battery with snap connector required by smoke alarms and select industrial applications
  • Stable alkaline energy supply supports a shelf life of 5 years for reliable readiness in use
  • Durable build safely operates in temperatures from -4°F – 130°Fahrenheit

Panasonic Industrial Alkaline 9V Battery

Heavy Duty Chemistry & Craftsman Consistency

The Panasonic 6LF22XWA/1SB is a 9.0V battery fueled by alkaline chemistry that drives long life cycles and delivers dependable energy on-demand. The unit's snap connector terminal is both widely used and specifically required by specialty devices in industrial applications and at home. Having a single Panasonic industrial alkaline 9V allows you to power a plethora of products from smoke and gas alarms to two-way transceivers, and even the TENS medical device. This powerful battery has the heavy duty power more than capable to sustain long-term stresses.

5 Year Shelf Life

Stock up and store spare batteries with confidence– Panasonic Industrial Alkaline 9V batteries have a 5 year shelf life, ensuring you always have a fresh replacement when you need it.

Notable Features

» This is a primary industrial-strength 9.0V battery commonly deployed in smoke detectors, walkie-talkies, and medical devices
» Panasonic's signature high performance tested to ANSI and IEC standards, ensuring each unit is rated for readiness and prepared for power provision
» Broad operation range between -4°F to 130°F for high performance in varied environments
» Long shelf life of 5 years for peace of mind and instant readiness in storage
This is a primary alkaline 9V battery and is non-rechargeable. Placing any primary battery — including the Panasonic 6LF22XWA/1SB industrial battery — into a battery charging device will cause irreparable damage to both the battery and charge station.

Note: These batteries are re-packaged for convenience for OEM, commercial, and industrial users.

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