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Panasonic Platinum Power AAA Batteries - 48 Count Box

Brand: Panasonic
Brand: Panasonic
  • Platinum Power formula makes for long-lasting batteries in high-drain applications
  • Designed to prevent gas build-up and unnecessary leakage
  • 48-pack count packaging ensures all your favorite devices can be easily powered
  • Has a 10-year shelf life - store away with little to no loss in power

Panasonic Platinum Power AAA Batteries

48 High-Quality AAA Batteries

Panasonic Platinum Power AAA batteries are available in a 48-pack box, for bulk batteries that ensure all your devices stay powered up. Panasonic gave these AAA batteries high-purity manganese dioxide and a unique titanium additive, for an advanced formula that offers longer-lasting performance in any use. Remotes, flashlights, or electronic sensors, these AAA batteries go the extra mile to deliver optimal power!

AAA Platinum Power batteries contain zinc, electrolytes, and organic inhibitors to ensure anti-leak protection. They have a long 10-year shelf life and retain all power when stored properly. In use or stored away, these AAA batteries ensure all power is readily accessible when you need it most.

10 Year Shelf Life

Stock up and safely store spare batteries – alkaline Plus Power safely protects power storage for up to 10 years when stored correctly and unused.
  • Notable Features
  • » Triple tough coating design prevents iron oxidation, creates smooth energy flow
  • » AAA battery type is commonly found and compatible with many household and industrial devices
  • » Mercury-free design ensures safe and secure use
  • » Associated battery sizes: 24A, 24D, 24LF, 3AAA, 824, AAA, AL-AAA, AM4, E92, EN92, FR03, K3A, L92, LR03, LR03XWA, MN2400, MX2400, PC2400, R03, Triple A, UM4
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