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Petzl Compact Rugged PIXA 2 LED Headlamp - 80 Lumens - HAZLOC Class I, Div 1 and 2 Certified - Includes 2 x AA/LR6s (E78BHB-2UL)

Item #: PETZL-E78BHB-2UL
Brand: Petzl
Item #: PETZL-E78BHB-2UL
Brand: Petzl

Petzl PIXA 2 Rugged Headlamp

Inspect the hidden world.

Move safely through dark and hard to reach work spaces with the PIXA 2 Rugged Headlamp from Petzl. The 80-lumen LED headlamp is designed for more rugged environments, utilizing sensible design and CONSTANT LIGHTING technology (brightness does not decrease as batteries drain) to introduce the best mid-size headlamp to the market. The PIXA 2 fits on both head and helmet depending on needs.


Stay lit in the most challenging terrain.

Petzl's breakthrough CONSTANT LIGHTING technology assures users that they will have a bright, steady light source from start to finish from their PIXA 2 LED Headlamp. Rather than dimming, the LED headlamp maintains a steady brightness over time. The PIXA 2 Headlamp is a sturdy compact helmet light, offering up to 80 lumens of constant light for 3.5 hours on only 2x AA batteries.


See beyond what's in front you.

Ready for any situation, the PIXA 2 is prepared for use directly on the head, helmet, or even the ground. HAZLOC certifications guarantee that your LED headlamp is suitable for a variety of situations and environments. The PIXA 2 LED headlamp provides bright constant light consistently and effectively for all users, all the time.

  • Hands-free Headlamp transforms into three types of lighting:
    • Worn with headband for portability
    • Attached to helmet with a mounting plate for safety purposes (included)
    • Placed on the ground for hard to reach areas that need attention
  • CONSTANT LIGHTING technology ensures brightness that does not gradually decrease as the battery drains
  • Lighting for professionals that is reliable, practical and durable:
    • Switches to reserve mode when batteries reach a certain point
    • Knob is easy
    • Storage position protect the headlamp lens and prevents inadvertently turning it on
    • Impact(2 m) and Crush(80 kg) resistant
    • Secure, washable headbands made from rubber
    • HAZLOC approved for chemical resistance and explosive situations
  • Weight: 160g
  • Watertightness: IP67
  • Energy: 2x AA batteries/LR06 (included)
  • Battery compatibility: rechargeable NiMH and lithium
  • Certification: CE, HAZLOC
  • Output Mode/Runtime(White Light):
    • Mode 2: 80 lumens / 3.5 hours
    • Mode 1: 20 lumens/ 26 hours
    • Reserve: 10 lumens/ 13 hours
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