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PowerOne P312-6PK-MF (6PK) Size 312 170mAh 1.45V Zinc Air Brown Hearing Aid Batteries - 6 Pack Retail Card

Item #: POWERONE-P312-6PK-MF
Brand: PowerOne
Item #: POWERONE-P312-6PK-MF
Brand: PowerOne
  • Powerone is a brand most frequently suggested by audiologists
  • Zinc air chemistry allows for improved performance like greater clarity and better frequency response
  • Higher capacity allows these batteries to run at their peak for much longer than other coin cells
  • Mercury-Free to ensure that the most important devices for day to day life aren't endangering in anyway

PowerOne 312 Hearing Aid Battery

German Made With Zinc Air Chemistry

PowerOne Zinc-Air Mercury Free batteries are top of the line, setting the industry standard in hearing aid batteries. Frequently suggested by audiologists as PowerOne brand batteries stand out among more conventional brands in providing longer run times, and all around improved performance (higher audio power, greater clarity, and better frequency response). Each 312 battery outputs 1.45 Volts and is designed to power even the most demanding hearing assistance devices. PowerOne batteries are Manufactured in Germany - each cell is upheld to the strictest of safety guidelines.

  • 6 individually wrapped batteries
  • Completely Mercury Free
  • Size 312 hearing air batteries
  • 1.45V
  • Made in Germany
  • High quality
  • Stainless steel construction
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