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Power-Sonic 6V 500mAh Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger - Auto Switch Mode - Plug-in Design (PSC-6500A-C)

Brand: Power-Sonic
Brand: Power-Sonic

Powersonic 6 Volt 500mA Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger

When you need to put a fast charge on your sealed lead acid batteries, rely on Powersonic. The PSC-6500A-C features Intelligent Charging Circuitry which detects the charge status of your battery, and switches from Fast Charge to Float Charge as it nears full capacity. The Float Charge keeps the battery topped off without damaging it, so you never have to worry about babysitting it. LEDs make it easy to read which mode is active. Alligator clips make it easy to attach to a variety of terminals. Insulated sleeves on the alligator clips add an additional layer of safety. And reverse polarity protection means that the charger won't activate if you accidentally mix up your connections. Whether your battery is in emergency lighting, backup power systems, industrial machinery, or a solar rig, the PSC-6500A-C charger is your worry-free way to recharge it.


  • Use with 6V, 2-5 AH batteries
  • Intelligent Charging voltage and current regulation for sealed (valve-regulated) lead-acid batteries
  • International travel-friendly - useable on input voltages from 110VAC - 60Hz to 240VAC - 50Hz
  • Automatic, current sensing dual-rate charging for quick, worry-free operation
  • L.E.D.s indicate "FAST" and "FLOAT" charging modes
  • Connects to battery using alligator clips with insulated sleeves
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • U.L. and European C.E. approval
  • DOE Compliant


  • Nominal voltage: 6
  • Output voltage: Float: 6.75 V / Fast: 7.35 V
  • Output Current: 500mA
  • Dimensions: L 2.05 x W 1.57 x H 2.64 in.
  • UPC: 813340010918
  • DOE Compliant Power-Sonic Item Code: 6500ACX
  • DOE Compliant Power-Sonic Model Code: PSC-6500A-C
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