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QuiqLite LiteStick Rechargeable LED Penlight - 200 Lumens - Multiple LED Configurations - Uses Built-in Li-ion Battery Pack

Brand: QuiqLite
Brand: QuiqLite
  • Customizable LED configuration gives you the right lighting for your purpose
  • 3 independently controlled LEDs at different angles provide situational lighting
  • Designed to fit in a uniform pen slot for simple carrying and hands-free light
  • Brightness levels range from 20 to 200 lumens for versatile use

QuiqLite LiteStick

Multicolor LED Configurations

The QuiqLite LiteStick is a hands-free duty light great for law enforcement personnel and more! Choose from three sets of LED color types to get the lighting you need. The red, white, and blue light Code3 model easily identifies the user as law enforcement. Or go with the Tactical setup which has a 45-degree red LED for completing administrative tasks and preserving your night vision. Finally, there's the WhiteLite model with three white LEDs that can function in concert to cast an ultra-bright flood light to illuminate your path.

45°, 90°, 145° Lighting Options

For first responders including law enforcement, highly directional and versatile lighting enhances the ability to handle different situations. For this purpose, QuiqLite supplies three LEDs facing down at a 45° angle, straight ahead at 90°, and up at 145°. Independently programmable, you can set the brightness of each to match the environment and task at-hand. Add in the hands-free capability of the LiteStick and you have a winner for officers on patrol and more!

Rechargeable, Replaceable Battery

The LiteStick comes equipped with a USB-C rechargeable li-ion battery pack. You can recharge it in just 2 hours or replace it with a fresh battery altogether for ultra-long runtimes. Each charge lasts up to 15 hours in use, sparing the need for constant charging breaks.

  • Notable Features
  • » LEDs at 45, 90, and 145 degrees provide directional, adaptable light
  • » 15-hour runtime per charge and only 2-hour recharging breaks for a lightning-fast turnaround
  • » Rechargeable lithium-ion battery helps keep the LiteStick fresh for action
  • » USB-C rechargeable power supply for fast, simple charging
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